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Committed to Client-Valued Success

At LEE Diversified Consulting Group, our mission is to help clients find ways to accelerate the achievement of their desired business results through a more deliberate focus on leadership and organizational alignment. Our team of experts has worked with leaders around the world, in a wide range of industries and organizational sizes, to improve and/or accelerate business results.

We are fully committed to the premise that our success is completely dependent upon our ability to deliver tangible success to our clients. To ensure that level of value, we maintain a network of consultants with deep skills and proven track records of delivering client-valued success in the areas of leadership development and organizational effectiveness. 

Our Values

  • Focus on Client-Valued Success – Our most important measure
  • Demonstrate Integrity – Count on us to do the right thing, every time
  • Build Sustainable Relationships – Treat all relationships as critical to our long-term success
  • Go Slow to Go Fast – Taking the time to get aligned is a critical enabler of execution speed and precision
  • Communicate – More than you think you need to
  • Leadership Enables Success – The more leaders you have + the more capable they are, the greater your chances for success

Meet Our Team